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You may e-mail our family members with these links:

Leslie - Fred

Suzanne - Suzanne,Tom & Nicholas or see her Alma Mater - Trenton State aka The College of New Jersey

Sara - at work mailto:saratrautlein@comcast.netor visit where she earned her degree - Rowan University

Tom, Sara, and Rob work for Lockheed Martin Corporation

Tom & Barb - Tom or Barb

Mark & Margaret in

JudeAnne Trautlein and Mark Axer at home or JudeAnne at work or their old ISP The Arizona Star for a very nice "flower server".

Marylu, Scott, Christopher & Elizabeth Torrison - Marylu at home mailto:torrison@fuse.netand Scott at work -

Email our Cousins who are on the web from our GENEOLOGY page. If you'd like to be listed just let us know and we'll post your email address and any other information you'd like on the web.

Had a great time at the Trautlein Family Reunion in July 2005 hosted by Cousin George THANK YOU all for your participation and help making it a great day.

Hope to see you at the Trautlein Reunion July 2006 hosted by The H. D. Trautlein family. Uncle Dave says that they have reserved the usual Treman shelter for July 15. John and Alice have offered to co-sponsor. .

Mom passed on to join Dad on January 6, 2002 away after a wonderful life we miss them.

Leslie and Fred are graduates of Kent State University and welcome you to visit there or lsiten live to WKSU. Visit Fred's "hometown" Dansville NY. or Leslie's Jefferson OH or where we live Edison NJ

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